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To stop streaming from your phone to another device, pull down the notification shade and close the notification indicating where the audio is being sent. Android and AirPlay typically don't place nice together, but a recent update to HTC's Connect app changed that for the HTC 10 and some older devices. Here's what you need to know. HTC recently updated its Connect app with a nondescript change log of "Increase new wireless protocols." It turns out, that new wireless protocol is Apple's AirPlay platform. Meaning, owners of the HTC One M7, One M8, One M9 and the newly released HTC 10 can now stream audio to an AirPlay speaker or Apple TV from his or her phone.

Apple Music may be in store for an overhaul this year, The new interface will replace the current colorful, translucent look with both text and backgrounds painted in basic black and white, 9to5Mac reported on Thursday, citing people who have seen the updated Apple Music service, Apple will also enlarge the size of the album art so it becomes a more prominent part of the interface, One source told 9to5Mac that the greater focus on album art will make the service appear "bolder yet simpler."Apple Music competes with $1 iphone 6s cases Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and other services for a cut of the music-streaming business, But it's mainly a way to lure more users into the Apple ecosystem, Through Apple Music, the company aims to sell more iPhones and iPads, Selling more iOS devices means more people who potentially will buy items from iTunes and purchase other Apple products and services..

In late April, Apple announced that its music service has signed up 13 million paid subscribers, and CEO Tim Cook said the service continues to grow in popularity. The revamp will integrate and display song lyrics for people who want to sing along to their favorite tunes. The "For You" feature, which recommends songs, albums and artists, will adopt a simpler interface and make use of algorithms to suggest more personalized content. Also on tap is expanded use of Apple's 3D Touch to preview albums and other items. And Apple will enhance the use of its San Francisco font to make the text on the menus and tabs larger and bolder.

Finally, the New tab, which tries to offer a collection of top charts, genres and other items, will be $1 iphone 6s cases jettisoned in favor of a new Browse section that tries to better sort all that information, The updates to Apple Music will also carry over to iTunes for Mac OS X, according to 9to5Mac's sources, Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment, Larger album art, more 3D Touch previews, and other changes could be on tap as a response to complaints about the streaming-music service's layout and navigation..

Apple Music will reportedly go through a design overhaul to make the app more appealing and less confusing. Launched almost a year ago, Apple Music has earned a thumbs-up from some users for its content. But the service has also been dinged for what critics say is a cluttered and befuddling interface. To address that problem, Apple is expected to unveil several visual and layout changes to the app at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

A picture of the phone released by police, After all, they might not know how to even get into the phone of someone they've arrested, Then there's the problem currently being experienced by the police in Alliance, Ohio, They arrested Steve Notman for alleged drug dealing, They say that he's allowed them to go through his phone, However, as a post to the police department's Facebook account makes clear, there is a problem, "PLEASE STOP CALLING Steve Notman's cell phone," the post begins, "He was $1 iphone 6s cases arrested tonight by SIU detectives..again..for ALLEGEDLY (on video) selling crystal meth here in Alliance."Are people calling because they're worried about Notman? Not quite, say the police..

Instead: "We have his phone and are trying to read all your texts requesting drugs and going through all of his contacts (with his permission) but you keep calling and texting and it's really annoying."So it's alleged customers who are giving the police earache. In order to gain a little peace, the post continues: "First of all, he is all out of drugs for tonight. Secondly you don't need to call -- we will come to you soon enough. Oh, and his ringtone is terrible! Thank you so much for your patience."There's a certain jocular strain that runs through this post that one wonders how serious it is. The Alliance Police Department didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Most commenters on Facebook seems to have enjoyed the police's expression of lively spirit, One even wondered whether Notman's ringtone was "I Fought The Law And The Law Won."It is, in its way, a new twist on the notion of using social media to demonstrate that the police don't always lose their humor in the course of their $1 iphone 6s cases duties, Who could possibly forget the Australian police department that tweeted a stoner's to-do list?, However, I wonder what Notman's lawyer -- should he avail himself of one -- might think of the police's transparency..

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