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Are you staying too late at work? This recipe tracks how much time you spend hanging out at work, and logs the hours in a Google Doc. Meanwhile, this recipe logs each of your gym visits in a Google Doc. Assuming you don't spend all your time at work, this recipe sends your significant other (or roommate, or dog) a text or an email when you leave the office to come home. Have you been traveling? This recipe automatically posts a Facebook post when you get back in town. You can customize your city, so this will also let people know when you get back to your hometown.

Turn off your lights, mute your phone and text your significant other -- all by just exiting or entering an area, Once you get amazon iphone screen protector 6 the hang of it, automation service IFTTT (which stands for "If This, Then That") is incredibly convenient, There's nothing quite like automating stupid little everyday tasks -- such as turning off the lights at a specific time, or cross-posting Facebook posts to multiple social networks -- to help you reclaim your valuable time and sanity, And the only thing more convenient than standard-issue IFTTT recipes are location-based IFTTT recipes..

IFTTT connects to both Android's and iOS' location channel, which means that you can use your phone's location -- which, for all intents and purposes, is your location -- to trigger automated actions. You can set up location-based triggers to fire whenever you exit a defined area (such as your home, your office or the gym), whenever you enter a defined area or when you enter or exit a defined area. If you have a smart home setup, the possibilities are endless -- but even if you don't, there are plenty of IFTTT recipes that will help streamline your life.

Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs (right) listens to an Invent-Off team (from left, Ian Ingram, Mike Ogrinz and Hannah Sarver) talk about what smart device they've created amazon iphone screen protector 6 to save a life, "As we look at the evolution of wireless technologies, one thing we're really focused on is mission critical technologies," the Qualcomm chairman tells me after chatting with the inventors, "If it's about saving a life, you don't want a call to drop."Jacobs may not be a household name, but it's likely someone in your home has technology his company created, Jacobs was the long-serving CEO of Qualcomm, whose processors are used in countless mobile devices from Apple, Samsung and others, He turned over the top job to Steve Mollenkopf in early 2014 but remains chairman..

Instead of worrying about Qualcomm's stock price and financial results, Jacobs now spends his time figuring out the future. Here is an edited transcript of some of his predictions. Jacobs: We see a broad range of watches that are all different brands, why is a phone not more of a fashion item like that? If you look at the phone industry, there's one brand that stands out as the fashion brand. But it seems conceivable they could be even more fashion-like. Kind of like what happens today, we provide the chips, but people build their own boards and integrate other components. It's true for a simple phone, we can provide all the guts in a very integrated way. The question is can we build a more complex phone that way? How cool of a product can you build if you're building it in this modular fashion? How can we lower the burden on people trying to do that?.

If we make it simple enough, do you get those other brands involved [like fashion labels]? ., It could be a pretty cool model, We've got to make it work and lower the burden to get into the market, They would have much lower volumes, so they can't have high fixed costs, Jacobs: There may be a phone more tailored to your car or to a sport you're doing, There's a trend already that smartwatches are going to be more full amazon iphone screen protector 6 phones, Right there you've got another phone, This was the thing we theorized a long time ago -- that people would have multiple devices, We're seeing a sense of that with the phone, tablet and watch connected, The question is whether it happens inside a segment, having multiple phones that are different..

There will still be [regular] phones. But there will be others that look more like glasses, watches, something hanging on your neck, belt, wallet. Then if the flexible screen guys do their job, you may just have a thing that looks like a pen, and you unroll it. I've always liked flip phones. If there's a flexible display, you can fold it in half and open it when you need it. Jacobs: Think about watching a football game. There's no sense of what it's like to be a running back going through huge guys wanting to crush you. In the future we should be able to [make you feel] that.

The first time I saw the HTC Vive, I was in a small room that had a window with sun coming in, After putting on goggles and walking through the virtual environment, every so often, my back was getting hot, It was so weird, Then I'd pop out and realize I was walking by a window, If we can correlate [real world] sensations with what's going amazon iphone screen protector 6 on in virtual environments [that would be interesting], Is it a suit you wear? All of that stuff seems really, really feasible, You can build stuff that's relatively inexpensive that augments VR with more cyber physical activities, I love that idea, You could have a suit with sensors, heaters, things that can squish you..

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