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Carriers are always spouting numbers and stats that "prove" they have the best network. CNET rides along with RootMetrics for a day to see what it takes to get the real answers. It's a cloudy day in San Francisco, and I'm standing on the corner of 9th Avenue and Kirkham trying not to be blown over by the biting wind. A man named Randy hops out of the rented Chrysler and opens the minivan's trunk to reveal two large art portfolios, both containing four top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy handsets. No, this isn't a shady Craigslist deal, or some undercover operation with the cops. Instead, I'm joining RootMetrics -- specifically, a scouter (the aforementioned Randy Dosher) and the company's vice president Julie Dey -- as they ride around the city independently testing the country's wireless carrier networks. (Back in 2013, CNET's Jessica Dolcourt joined them on a similar ride-along, too).

The HTC 10 will let you register up to five different fingerprints for unlocking the phone, apps or making purchases, Open Settings then Fingerprint Scanner, Enter your password, then tap on Add fingerprint and follow the prompts, Here iphone case 2019 you can also enable or disable waking the device when placing a finger on the home button while the screen is off, HTC's BlinkFeed is a customized newsfeed that lives to the left of your home screen, but it's not for everyone, Turn off BlinkFeed by long-pressing on an empty spot of your home screen and selecting Manage home screen pages, Swipe right until BlinkFeed is selected, then tap Remove..

The backlight for the back and multitasking buttons default to turning on only when touched, but you can set the backlight to turn on as whenever the screen is on. Go to Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Navigation button backlight and select your preferred setting. With gestures you can launch the HTC 10's camera, wake the screen, or unlock the device directly to its home screen. To view how each gesture works, or disable gestures you don't want, open Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Motion Launch gestures. Tap on a number near just under the preview section to view an animation detailing how to use the gesture. Alternatively, tap on a gesture to enable or disable it.

MicroSD support in the HTC 10 lets you add up to two terabytes of additional storage, And starting with Android Marshmallow, you can combine a device's internal storage with a microSD card, taking away the need to manage where apps and media is installed, After inserting a microSD card, go iphone case 2019 to Settings > Storage and tap on the gear icon next to the card's name, Next, select Format internal, During this step anything on the card will be deleted, so make sure nothing important is on it, Follow the prompts to complete the process..

The first time you plug headphones into the HTC 10, you're asked to set up a custom audio profile. Each profile is specific to you and the pair of headphones you use. Follow the prompts, then name the profile (preferably with a name that references the specific headphones). With headphones connected to the phone, open Settings > HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio and select an old profile. Finally, tap on the "+" sign. HTC's new Freestyle themes do away with traditional app icon grids. Instead your wallpaper acts as a background, and stickers act as shortcuts to an app of your choosing. Open the Themes app located in the app drawer to find new Freestyle themes under the From HTC category.

A new app from HTC, Boost+, helps you keep tabs on memory usage and storage information, But it also lets you password protect an app or apps of your choosing, Once an app is locked, the only way to iphone case 2019 open it is to enter a pattern you set, Other notable features include battery optimization when playing games on the HTC 10, Editors' note: This story was updated on May 5, 2016 to clarify how flex storage works, and remove an incorrect reference to HTC using capacitive buttons on the 10 for the first time..

Get the most out of your shiny new HTC 10 by changing a few settings. The HTC 10 knows a few tricks, and maybe offers some treats along the way; you just have to know where to look. To get the most out of HTC's latest and greatest, here's nine settings to check out. HTC Sense will display ads on your device in apps such as BlinkFeed, unless you disable the feature. Open Settings > Personalize > Manage ads and check the box to disable the feature. Note, it won't block ads in Chrome or other apps, but it will stop HTC from sending ads to your device.

Google Cardboard has iphone case 2019 been Google's little Trojan horse into virtual reality, In a landscape of expensive, somewhat closed-off rigs, Cardboard is the closest to "open" that exists: apps run on both iOS and Android across dozens of phones, and YouTube offers an increasing flow of 360-degree videos to watch, Most people will never get the chance to buy a virtual-reality headset, and many haven't tried one, Google Cardboard needs to be a little more like the Samsung Gear VR, But Google Cardboard is foldable and cheap, It comes free with newspapers, You might get one at a concert, It's not perfect, but it's cool enough to keep around on my desk, And I definitely want to see what Google has in the works for a follow-up..

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