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Visit manufacturer site for details. If you're a "Top Gun" type and expect your phone to have the power of a jet engine, then you're exactly who Sony had in mind with the Xperia X Performance. The X Performance (never to be called the XP, I'm told by Sony) is the turbo-charged version of the Xperia X. Sony has packed more processing power into the Performance, along with speedier LTE 4G connectivity and a slightly bigger battery. Other than that, the two phones are almost identical, from the 5-inch full HD screen to the 23-megapixel camera on the rear. But trust me, the differences are very noticeable.

At $699 or AU$999, it's less expensive than I'd anticipated, (There are no pricing or launch details for the UK, but the price converts to around £525.) With the basic X model costing $549, AU$799 or £450, that's not much of a price hike at all, When I first saw the phone, I confess to finding the smooth, rounded edges and matte back a little pedestrian, But my opinion changed significantly while using it, It's comfortable to hold, and when I went back to compare it with the Z5 and Z5 Premium I found iphone screen protector at best buy it to be the best looker of the group..

My colleague Jessica Dolcourt called the Xperia X a "great one-handed phone" and the same goes for the Performance. Where she and I disagree is on screen size: A 5-inch screen is perfect for her dainty fingers. My hands are about twice as big, and 5-inch phones make me feel like I'm using a Fisher Price "My First Phone" toy. But 5-inches is what's on offer here and I happily admit that's a good size for 80 percent of the world. With the word Performance in the name, I had some high expectations for this phone and it didn't disappoint. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core 64-bit processor is a big jump up from the X and the numbers prove it. It far outstrips the Xperia X and actually rivals the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The phone feels exceptionally slick and fast, Apps open rapidly and navigating is smooth as silk, This speed even transfers over to the fingerprint sensor, Built into the power button like previous Xperia models, this is the most reliable and quick biometric security I've ever used on a phone, If you're in the US, however, you'll just have to take my word for it, because Sony has disabled iphone screen protector at best buy the fingerprint scanner for your region, The X Performance is also the only of the new X range to be water and dust proof, It's rated IP65/68, which means you can not only splash the thing, you could leave it under a metre of water for 30 minutes (you know, if you desperately wanted to)..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good Absolutely brimming with power, the Sony Xperia X Performance is well designed and the only new Xperia to be waterproof. The Bad Battery life needs a big boost for this phone to live up to its potential. The Bottom Line The Xperia X Performance runs rings around the basic Xperia X and is a great phone for anyone who likes their handsets with a bit of grunt.

I think there are four completely different routes, Remember, this is all in good, speculative fun, "Sources" say that Google will prep a premium device, which conjures images of an expensive phone with the most cutting-edge internals and iphone screen protector at best buy a polished fit and finish to match, In essence, it would be the iPhone of Google, But a phone from Google that steps into the superpremium pool could also potentially damage the Big G's relationship with longtime partners like Samsung, whose high-end Galaxy, Note and Edge series promote Android in the upper echelons..

Google has helped its partners make the hardware for its Nexus phones for six years, so it knows a thing or two about designing the device that hosts its "pure" Android software. (Google also picked up some tricks during its brief stint as Motorola's parent company, where it presided over the release of more than a dozen phones.). What if Google made a Nexus-like phone all on its own?. Nobody would question Google taking the path of least resistance and producing a handset similar to a simple-looking, not-too-flashy Nexus-style phone aimed at offering high value for price, like the Nexus 6P and 5X. In short, a device that focuses on the software inside rather than an eye-catching hardware shell.

I envision a functional but forgettable chassis, mid-to-upper-range specs and a version of Android software even fresher and newer than updates that the Nexus program would receive, Like today's Nexus phones, the just-lower-than-iPhone price of a Google-branded phone would be incentive enough to draw buyers, Google could also swing to the other end of the spectrum and be the first to show the world what a truly modular Ara phone can be, Plagued iphone screen protector at best buy by fits and starts, previous partners seem to have bowed out (like Yezz, a Miami-based phonemaker that was supposed to help launch an Ara trial in Puerto Rico), with Google reclaiming the project by showing advances in the modular device this past May at Google I/O..

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