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But it isn’t just arts, housing and nonprofit groups interested in breathing new life into the city-owned properties at 949 and 952 Moraga Road. The city of Lafayette has submitted four of the 11 proposals received so far, including moving city offices to the old library site and relocating the police office across the street from there; now, the city leases space for both at a cost of $280,000 annually at an office park near downtown. A task force of 16 residents will meet through May to review the ideas, plus any additional proposals, and recommend to the City Council “the highest, best and most fiscally responsible uses” for the properties. The selected projects would then go through extensive design, planning and circulation analysis, among other reviews.

“Hopefully we can come up with our preferred use for each site, or maybe a couple of uses and then give that direction to the council,” said Mayor Don Tatzin, who along with Councilman Mike Anderson is serving as a liaison to the group, City Manager Steve Falk put out the call for proposals in early November, The city bought the 6,000-square-foot old library property at 952 Moraga Road on Nov, 25 from the county for $1.97 million as part of a lawsuit settlement stemming from the formation of Lafayette’s redevelopment agency, which has since been dissolved, As part of the deal, repetto la bayadere pointe shoes the county put a portion of the proceeds into a “special fund” for creating additional library hours, acquiring books and materials and maintaining technical equipment at the new city library on Mt, Diablo Boulevard..

The city bought the four parcels at 949 Moraga Road — including a 3,566-square-foot vacant building with significant accessibility issues — in 2010, and has been using some of the property for public parking. City planning director Niroop Srivatsa said the property is designated as a “housing opportunity site” in Lafayette’s housing element, where very low- to moderate-income housing could be built. Srivatsa said if housing isn’t built there, the city would have to make sure another site is available for housing.

The proposals include an offer by the Lafayette School District to purchase the old library site, which is adjacent to Lafayette Elementary, They also include a suggestion from affordable housing developer Eden Housing to build 48 studios of affordable “workforce” housing in a three-story building over a repetto la bayadere pointe shoes parking garage, or 12 townhouse units at 949 Moraga Road, The proposals from the city include a consolidated “public agencies building” that would also house Lafayette School District administrative offices, Under another option, the city would swap the 949 parking lot with the owners of an office building next to the old library..

There’ll be no roar of lions or the sea. Instead, you’ll be treated to a finely crafted haiku involving fog-shrouded deer, recited in the cultured, melodious tones of the Beat Generation writer. The recent republishing of “Ghost Tantras” (City Lights), a collection of 99 poems McClure first self-published in 1964, offers appreciative listeners an opportunity to hear the 81-year-old Oakland resident call up the past. McClure will read from his new/old book at Moe’s Books, 2476 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

In 1955, McClure rode the crest of the Beat Movement, reading from Ginsberg’s “Howl” at San Francisco’s Six Gallery with four fellow poets, The Beat writers presented a manifesto of protest against social, political and ecological constraints, “We were speaking out for the liberation for the individual, People were being brainwashed by ’50s consciousness, We put our toes to the line,” McClure says, “We were looked at as if we repetto la bayadere pointe shoes were canon fodder, When we first started telling people about the environment, they would boo and hiss us.”..

It’s a small miracle — or a sign of the deep conviction that still rumbles from his belly and his words — that McClure didn’t drop public performance. “My first poetry reading was a curious one: There were congo drums and a belly dancer,” he recalls. “There was no poetry reading history.”. Today, while reading (Craig Venter’s “Life at the Speed of Light,” Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Laon and Cythna,” Science Magazine) and writing (“That’s a given,” he says), McClure claims he’s “no expert on the vast scene” of Bay Area poetry events.

But he adores releasing his poems from the “ball of silence” from which they spring, fully formed, onto the page, “I want to let audiences hear the light in my voice that will bring them pleasure and deeper, broader consciousness,” he says, repetto la bayadere pointe shoes “Karl Schlegel said all art must strive to be science and science, to be art, Poetry and philosophy should be the same thing.”, A metaphor — suspended in a question suggesting his mantras are both old and new, like the unexpected wrinkles he now finds on his face — delights him..

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